every sunday

11am - 4pm


Smoked salmon & goat cheese, served on toasted bread with microgreens


Two scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, ham, home fries, & mozzarella cheese

egg white frittata | $14

Scrambled egg whites with spinach, caramelized tomatoes, home fires, & goat cheese, topped with an arugula salad

Steak & Eggs | $20

6oz grilled skirt steak with eggs (any style, served with microsalad & home fries

pancakes | $11

Served with Amaretto whipped cream & mixed berries

avocado toast | $15

Served with tuna salad, chipotle mayonnaise, microgreens, & poached eggs

Eggs any style | $13

Choices include: Sunny-side up, over or scrambled, served with your choice of either

sausage or bacon

yogurt parfait | $9

Yorgurt, granola, & mixed berries

French Toast | $11

Served with bananas, mashed berries, campote, & maple syrup

ropa vieja sandwich | $18

Served with avocado, lettuce, & mozzarella cheese